Wednesday, September 29, 2010


We have touched the turf of that famous ground, we did the tour today & got a special treat because Collingwood came in to train, as we were walking down the hall from the dressing rooms they were going in, damn if only we were a bit later..... Some of their guys are very tall & very well built, not that I was looking..........much!!!!!
We then headed to the National Sports Museum & that was great, lots of interactive stuff for both kids & adults.
We played Netball, AFL, Cricket, Soccer (that goal keeper sucked) cycling (I got 400mtrs before I fell in a huge heap, it was really hard), it kept us occupied all day we were there when it opened & left about 2.30. Caught the tram back & as usual ended up at a stop that we didn't want to go to, a quick walk back to the right stop & we were on our way again.
Lydia Lassila the Olympic Gold medalist in the Aerial skiing was there & I was picked for a trivia contest with her & a 10yr old boy, well I came second to the kid, had to let him win....with questions like " How many players have won a Brownlow Medal 3 times?" how would I know!!!! he did but.
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