Thursday, October 30, 2008

We are off to Council......Tomorrow!!!!

We got a huge shock this afternoon, I phoned Wisdom about an Air -Conditioning question and was told the Architect had the DA pack ready, and it was going to be picked up first thing in the morning. Well I was told on Monday that it would take a week for it to be ready, but that was before I made the mistake with the cheque, so I thought that it wouldn't have been ordered until we made the new cheque out.
Once again I was WRONG, that's twice in 4 days (now I am not going to admit any more this week)
it took them just 3 days to have it ready, it is a great feeling to think that we could be about 7 weeks away from a DA approval. I am ringing our last officer at the Council tomorrow to let him know that it's on it's way, hopefully everything is the way that they want it as we have addressed all the things that were of a concern with the last DA. Once again we are very grateful for all the work that has gone into getting these plans to Council so quickly, as you can't imagine what the last 10 months have been like for us, our kids just want to have a home that is theirs with a yard that they can run around in. Lets hope the Council don't have a lot of work and they are just sitting there waiting for our DA to arrive.
Our neighbours will not know whats going on when the new DA arrives for a different house, I am sure that they will be thinking we are mad, but I am sure they won't when they find out what has happened.
Other news on the brick front, I called Austral Bricks to see if there was any homes that had been built in the bricks that we have chosen, they told me that the bricks we have chosen were made in Sydney and now they are being made in Queensland. What has happened is that the Qld bricks are completly different to the NSW bricks colour and style wise. They have only just changed the bricks to be the Qld bricks so there hasn't been any homes built as yet in these bricks.
So maybe we will be the first and we will be the drive past home for anyone wanting to use them.

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