Saturday, October 11, 2008

Colour Selection Done

Well the fun part is done, colour selection.....this can be a very daunting task, I spent the best part of last week trying to get my head around what we wanted for our new home. We have been down this path before (our colours were all picked for the other house) and this time it was a whole lot different, I don't know if it was because it is more flexible but the experience was a lot more comfortable and enjoyable.

Brick colours will be as described below with gutters and downpipes in Ironstone and Dune, the cladding at the top will be in Dune and the front door will be Ironstone, the garage door will be B&D Contemporay in Dune and the windows will be Anotec Natural Matt.

The Kitchen will be as displayed (see photo) as I just love the way it has been done (it is a credit to the lovely designer that they have), and the wall colours will be the same as the display home (my husband really liked the colours that have been used in the home) I am really happy with the selection and just can't wait to get my hands on that kitchen (for everyone that knows me, you know how I love to cook).

The front balcony will have a Satin Stainless Steel tube around it which we will either install or supply, the front driveway will be Storm Grey in a Random Blue Stone pattern with a Brick Border around it.

The floor tiles have been picked as well with a 600x600 Ash tile in Glazed Porcelan, this will be a upgrade but we love these tiles and they look fabulous.

Dilorenzo Tiles had the best display that I have ever seen, if you can't find something you like there then there is something wrong, they have so many tiles and I think I would have found something in the standard selection had we not liked this tile so much.

They also have the carpet that is supplied with the build, there were 5 different styles in different colours of course, (the range was pretty good) and we will look at the different ones when we get to the slab stage.

We have also added some feature walls in the house, we were going to do it after handover but we want to be able to move straight in as soon as handover is complete so we have decided to get the builder to do it.

We came away from our colour selection happy and full of hope that this build will be very different to the last one.......

Oh I forgot...... Don't forget that toner.... You know who you are!!!!!!!

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