Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sunday is New Post Day.

Well there have been lot's of things happening, contracts were ready yesterday and we went out to The Ponds to sign them. Minus the kids of course, just way too hard to keep 2 boys occupied whilst going through pages and pages of a building contract (If you have signed one recently you will know what I mean), so that's where Grandma & Grandpa come in (thanks G & G), they did the babysitting while we signed our life away.
Contracts were signed but I have both of the copies with me as I was going to do a Direct Deposit of the 5% into their a/c but we decided that it would be better to give them a cheque for the deposit and I didn't have the cheque book with me, so I will go up to Narellan tomorrow and pay the deposit.
We have to get a copy of the Builders Home Warranty Insurance, I suppose it is to show that we are covered if something terrible should happen to the builder (think back to Beechwood) and that was not with the contracts, so I will get the copy on Monday and pay the deposit, all very easily fixed, and we will be on our way to Council.
We also had a huge win with the water tank we had allocated around $2000 in the tender for 2 slimline tanks but we only need a 3000litre tank and they have included the slimline one in the base price so we got a bit of a early Christmas present (thanks guys).
We still haven't done our electrical plan and this won't be in the tender, so whatever upgrades we do will have to be paid for up front. This is the one thing I am not really looking forward to as you have to try and visualise where all the furniture that you haven't purchased yet is going to go and where you need to put the power points, what lighting you need where and how many extra lights you need.

Yesterday it was also mentioned that we had got to the contract stage really quickly, and I said no it seems like it has been going on forever, but we started this process with Wisdom Homes on the 9th September and yesterday was the 25th October so it has taken them 47 days (6weeks and 5 days) to go from meeting us to having contracts and plans ready to go to Council.
This is an amazing achievement as I know that we are not the only clients of Wisdom, so it is very much appreciated and all I can say is a big Thank You to everyone that has so far contributed to get us to where we are so quickly (you all know who you are). Keep up the great work and we will be having that house warming party before you know it (I would like it in the warmer months if at all possible). Just for the record it took Clarendon 5 months to get to this stage!!!!!!

Found: One toner cartridge in the photocopier machine. (we won't go there but it was good to see that it was in it's rightful home)

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