Thursday, October 9, 2008

Plan's are ready....

The plans are ready and my Dad and Son took a drive out to Camden to pick them up and then went on a airport crawl, taking in the sights of Camden, Hoxton Park and Bankstown airports, It's a shame that I had to work!!!!! Not......

Anyway we have those plans in our hot little hands and I have checked them and I can only see a couple of problems, eldest son's WIR door should have been a door and it was a cavity slider, the air-cond has to be more than 3 metres from the boundry but it is on the side of the house which is only 1.4mtrs from the boundry and they have a gas hot water system on the plan but we don't have gas in the street.

So I am going to take the changes out to The Ponds tomorrow to get them fixed, so that we can keep this moving along at a really fast pace.
I have been out at the Austral brick selection place as well as the Laminex showroom as we need the laminex for the bathrooms and laundry.
The kids and I have had heaps of fun and if we went back 20 times we could build a BBQ with the samples that they give you. Our lounge room has all the colour combinations that I have picked and they give you a box that fits 3 bicks plus styrene that acts as the mortar, they look really cool.
I really like the bricks that are below and we have a colour consultation on Saturday, so we will be looking for advice on these colours.

I am also really happy with the laminex colours, the girl that helped me out there was fabulous, she went to a heap of trouble to get the right colour.

We are still really happy with the way everything is progressing, so fingers crossed we will be in council before you know it......

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