Saturday, October 4, 2008

Waiting for those plans..... due the 8th October!!!!! Sounds like we are waiting for a baby.....

I mentioned before that I unfortunately have very little of that thing that you sometimes need in life called patience!!!!!

Well this week I have had to call on all that is in my body because we are still waiting for the plans to be drawn up.
Not that they are running late or anything, we were told 2 weeks and when I spoke to the builder this week, I was told that they are due on the 8th October.

There are some drawings that need to be done once the plans are ready and hence that's why I am getting very impatient (it's that damn word again) the hydraulic report is one of them and as we have lifted the house up to give a runoff back to the street we won't know if that will work until the hydraulics are done.

So I sit here waiting for those plans so that the next part of this journey can start to happen.

I have been trying to find that perfect balustrade because as most of you know that is what our business is all about. I found what I liked but unfortunately the building code has changed and we are not allowed to have frameless glass if it is off the ground, so we are trying to find something that looks stunning that also has a top rail.

I know that with 2 very messy boys I am totally going to regret this decision but I really want glass, how many times a day will I have to clean that glass, I don't know but one things for sure as I clean it, I will be thinking what on earth made me want it.

After the 2 very hot days that we have had I am thinking one word ......POOL......

Now that will be another story, I haven't said anything to anyone, so that will be our little secret.....shhh,...... lucky my husband doesn't read this.

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