Saturday, October 18, 2008

Our Weekly Update....

We are waiting on the Basix report to come back from the Architect, what it will tell us is what we need to do to ensure that the natural resources such as energy and water are conserved. All new builds have to do this, as it was developed by the NSW Government.

A lot of things go into consideration for example I think brick and tile colour are considered and how many energy lights you use.

As a minimum, a new development must be able to demonstrate the commitments selected will use 40% less mains water, and 25% less energy than conventional buildings of a similar type.

We will then be told what size water tank we need to be able to flush the toilets and also wash the clothes (if we choose to do so, that's wash the clothes)

Contracts are in the process of being drawn up, so we should be back out to The Ponds to sign each and every page of these huge things, sometime next week.

The Hydraulic report can not be done until the water tank size is determined, this is the one report that we are eagerly awaiting as we think we have fixed our transpiration pit problem by raising the house, fingers crossed.

Tile update: I have had the 600x600 tile in front of the kitchen sink in our rental home and that is a high traffic area in our house (especially with a teenager that is a bottomless pit) and it has come up really well, no stains even though I made up some curry paste and layered in on, and left it for over an hour.
It wiped straight off as did all the dirty marks, I tried to scratch it with a sharp knife all it did was leave a carbon mark that came off with jif, and my Dad had a go with a key and it didn't scratch.

Oh and what everyone has been waiting for a toner update!!! Well maybe not everyone, but I need to tell you that it is a really good idea to check that the sticky tape is on the toner cartridge when you pull it out of the box. Why you might ask??? Because clothes don't look good with toner all over them and photocopiers don't work when the toner is on the clothes!!!! Better luck next time.. lol

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