Monday, October 27, 2008

New Lesson Learnt.

I went up to Wisdom Homes to pay our 5% deposit today and well I have learnt something new, If you make a mistake on a cheque don't just change it and initial the change as the bank won't accept it.
So what happened, I made the cheque out for a lesser amount and then changed it to make it the correct amount and initialled the correction.
WRONG!!!! not one of the smarter things that I have done today.
So I have learnt the hard way that you must put your full signature on the change that you make on a cheque.
Now that I can't be trusted my Husband is going up there tomorrow to give them a new cheque and while he is out he will go and have a look at their new display homes.
In true "Kath and Kim" style I have one word to say and that is "truly stunning" (we just love that show and our kids know the words and sayings off by heart) ok I have gone off the track again. Back to the new display homes, they are just fantastic, beautifully decorated and the 2 story one has the Master Bedroom upstairs and the other bedrooms downstairs, I think this would suit a family that has teenagers and children that won't leave home or worse still boomerangs that keep coming back. I just love the style of home that they build, they have a lovely feel to them. Unfortunately, when we move into ours it will have that family lived in look and not the spotless display home look.
I also changed the roof tile today, we had one that had a ripple profile but I hadn't been happy with it, so when speaking to the designer today we discussed the different colours and decided that the flat profile one that I liked would be suitable, so the change was made.
We are probably about a week away from going to Council, that's if I make no more silly mistakes so keep your fingers and toe's crossed for us.


brownsathome said...

I've been a little behind in keeping up with your blog... So happy that things have worked out for you guys... There are now 2 wisdom homes that I know of in one street near us.. one gone up from slab to internals, external doors, gyprock, plaster in 3 months. AMAZING. The other one has just demolished so will be interesting to see when that starts... Will keep you posted..
Looking forward to more updates.

danma said...

Will look forward to hearing of the other Wisdom Home being built. Hopefully ours will go up in record time.
Thanks for all your advice & support, fingers crossed for a Christmas '08 handover for your home.