Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Contracts will be ready for the weekend....

We have a appointment on Saturday to go through our contract, and if it is all ok we will sign it and then pay our 5% deposit. After that has all been done the plans will go off to council. Let's hope that it will all be fine so that we can get our plan's back into council.

As soon as they send them I will be on the phone to the officer that looked after our last DA to let him know that they have been sent, and maybe he will get us again.

Lot's have been happening behind the scene with different costings that we have asked for coming back to us, we asked for the cost to upgrade the whole house to Taubmans Living Silk paint but it was way too expensive so we just left it as the standard paint that is included. We have included all the feature walls and the door into the walk in pantry will be polyurethane Alabaster the same as the cupboards in the kitchen. This cost will be in the new tender, so our bottom line price has gone up again.
We want to get as much as we possibly can included in the contract price so that we know how much we are going to pay for the house and all the extras. We still have to upgrade the tiles and possibly the carpet, so these will all be over the contract price.

I nearly forgot to tell you that there was a bit of good news with the water tank, the basix's came back from the Architect and we can have a 3000 litre tank and the slimline tank will fit down the side of the house, this also means that we should get a credit as we had allowed for 2 slimline tanks (2000 litre tanks).

On another matter my laptop died on Sunday so my husband went and brought me a new one, so that I can still blog while watching the TV don't I just love that. All I need now is a dishwasher next to the lounge and I wouldn't have to get up.

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