Monday, May 4, 2009

Roof Tiling Continues....

I just popped over at lunchtime & the roof tilers were busy doing their stuff. The roof above the 4th Bedroom was tiled & all the tiles for the other sides were sitting up on the roof in plies.
They said that they would take 2 - 3 days to finish, & then they would have to come back as the scaffolding is in the way for them to tile the Alfresco Area & the back Leisure room.
We have a broken window in the front, it was smashed with one of the timber batons, I have paid for an extra call out service on the windows (as we made a mistake & didn't make some of the windows translucent) so I am waiting to see if I get some sort of credit as they would have had to get them out to fix the damaged window (will wait & see what happens!!!!)
The kitchen company needed our microwave trim kit so I organised for it to be delivered to them but when they opened it, unfortunatly it was damaged. I called the supplier & they are going to have to organise a replacement for us & send it out to the kitchen place. They said it looked like it was second hand, the stainless on it was all scratched and the plastic was broken, so much for a new one in a box.
Our stainless steel stand offs for the glass balustrade arrived last week, my husband was overseas & I opened them to find them damaged. I emailed them straight away to tell them I was not putting them in our house & what were they going to do about it? After my husband got involved they are being remade & they will be air freighted again but this time better packed. These were specially made to match the size of the handrail bracket so I am rather dissapointed in them being so badly damaged.
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