Monday, May 25, 2009

Alfresco Area.

Note to one's self don't take photo's where you can see yourself in the window!!!!
I hope that I haven't put too many photo's up this morning but I was asked to put some more on the blog.
We were over there yesterday as we had a family party for a Birthday that happened during the week, we had gone out looking at furniture on Saturday & the upshot is we have the door in the WIR in our eldest son's room on the wrong side.
I have sent a email with a please help us message & am waiting to hear from them. What it means is that if we don't move it he won't have enough room for his queen size bed & the desk that he has picked.
I know that it will cost us heaps but we have to fix it now as we will have no chance once the gyprock goes in.
The electrician is going to have to come back out so we will have to pay for that as well as the $500 late variation fee.
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