Monday, May 11, 2009

Roof tiles completed

The roof tiles have been completed on the top floor, the bottom ones still have to be done but the scaffolding is in the way, they still have to put in the cladding, so I think that the scaffolding is there for that purpose.
I went over today & the Solar panels were being installed on the roof for the hot water system, so that's another roof job that needs the scaffolding. I remember when they put the scaffolding up I was really happy cause it meant that the bricks were going to be put up on the top floor, now I will be really happy for them to take it down, they just can't win can they?
Had a few hassles with the handles for all the cupboards, the ones that I picked were out of stock but there was a shipment due in at the end of March which I thought I would get them off that delivery, well I rang to order them today and they have no stock with stock due in 4 weeks. So I have to pick something else, when I was overseas I looked at all the handles that they had but as I didn't know the quantities then I couldn't get any, and I also couldn't find exactly what I wanted in Stainless. They had it in Aluminum but not Stainless & that was what I had to have. The supplier is sending me samples of one that I have picked but of course they are more expensive than the first ones I picked, oh well we will be stuck at home & never going out again with what I have upgraded on this house!!!!
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