Monday, May 18, 2009

Back of the house

We are getting there, Inspection is booked for Friday, fingers crossed that everything will come up ok.
We went out looking at furniture on the weekend, trust our kids the bedroom suites that they picked were a few thousand dollars each, that is on top of the $2000 beds that they got!!!! We found a really nice outdoor setting for the back area, they said that they will hold it till we are ready to move in, so we will probably pay for that & that's one thing off our list to get.
The kitchen handles all arrived & I have packed them in plastic sealed bags by the rooms that they are for & labeled them all, I am thinking that it is not possible to get them wrong but we will have to wait and see with that one.
Still heaps to think about, the window covering are driving me nuts, eldest son wants plantation shutters for his room, which would mean that the 3 windows at the back need to be the same, I am thinking duel rollers for the front windows, but I will wait until the skirting boards go in. Maybe newspaper would look good & I can change it weekly so that they don't get bored with what they are reading.
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