Friday, May 15, 2009

Electrical's went in yesterday.

All the electrical's were done yesterday, I got a call from our SS to say that there was a problem with the media Room & could I go over & have a look at it, well the plumbing has been put where the downlights were to go, so what can we do? Nothing!!!! so we had to change the amount of downlights cause they won't fit ...... Anyway we had already paid for the downlights so they were moved into our bedroom.
So note to anyone else building this design make sure they leave room for the downlights when they put all the plumbing in.
The house looks so different with all the electrical's hanging out of the walls & from the ceilings.
I have booked the Building Inspector for next week as it looks like we will be about a week away from lock-up.
The electrician said that we should be in the house in around 8 weeks...... 8 weeks that is fantastic if that happens, the cladding & doors still have to go on.
Bring it on, we had visitors last night & I must have washed up 4 times, I am so looking forward to that Dishwasher!!!!
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