Tuesday, August 3, 2010

"The Good Room"......

Don't know why I did it but I came home from work & decided to change the "Good Room" around.

There is not really that much I can do to it but I decided that it needed a change.....

Well it's probably a boring post cause all that I changed was the tables but I sort of liked the change.

Where did it get the name you ask? It comes from the fabulous series "Kath & Kim" they have a "Good Room" so why can't we!!!

We don't really use it, my Dad sit's there when they come over & my son's bestie's Mum sit's there when she comes over but other than than we don't use it.
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southies said...

I have a good room too danma. Since there's a TV in there, it does get used but mostly by me!!!

Once the TV dies, the room will be all mine. lol

danma said...

Hey Southies,

Another good room, that's so funny we always laugh when we tell the kids not to go in the good room.

Did you see the bowls the one on the dining table is the same as yours.

southies said...

Oh yeah!!! *rolls eyes*
I looked straight past it, at the fish. I'm soooo observant - not! lol.
Nice bowl, huh ? We've got great taste.

danma said...

hahaha, fantastic taste I think!!!!