Monday, January 19, 2009

Tile Selection Completed.

We went out on Saturday to browse through the tiles at DiLorenzo's, we thought that we would just think about what we wanted in the house and then make an appointment later to put it all down on paper. But our day unfolded in a completely different way, we arrived at the shop to be greeted by Jack DiLorenzo who took us upstairs and got one of his staff to help us, from there we proceeded to choose all the tiles and the carpet for the house. It took around 3hours from start to finish but in the end we had done it all. We took a couple of sample carpets out to the display home as we had picked a darker carpet for the Media Room and a lighter one for the Office and upstairs, after trying it in all the rooms we were happy with what we had chosen. Unfortunatly for us there was nothing that we picked that was included in the builders range so everything was over our allowance, we are waiting for the quote to come in , should be around 2 weeks. One of the tiles we picked came in at over $400 per m2 so our quote will be huge as our allowance is $25 m2. These tiles have been used in the Minto display so yesterday we went out to see them and we both are not sure if we like it, they have used them with a white tile and white grout but we are using a 300 x 600 tile the same as what is on the floor at The Ponds Impression so the look will not be the same.
We are out to Wisdom after work today to sign off on all the plans, so that they can send them to estimating and start to get supplies ordered. We have two minor changes but as of right now we are happy with what we have done,so everything will stay the same.


Amanda said...

$400/m2 holy cow! Does the tile have gold leaf in it? Can't wait to see some pics :)

danma said...

I know it shocked us, I am afraid that it doesn't have gold leaf it is a glass mosaic tile, the one that is in the ensuite at The Ponds is over $500m2 lucky we didn't pick that one.