Friday, January 16, 2009

4.22pm.... 15th January, 2009...... DA Approved

I got a phone call yesterday afternoon from the Council to give us the great news that the DA has been approved. So first thing this morning I picked it up and it has now been taken out to Wisdom so that the Construction Certificate can be started. Well our youngest son was dancing around the house and there was kisses all round, what a relief we are so happy and excited that the next part of this journey can begin.
The demolisher's have taken their fence back, well we only had it for 5 months so we had to expect that it would be taken away soon.
We had a great holiday and because of internet speeds that were slower than a snail, I didn't get to post all of the photo's (sorry....).
Well we are off to the tile supplier and the display home over the weekend to check out a few things, so it looks like it is back to our normal weekend pace (flat out like that lizard drinking).


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Amanda said...

Yay - that is so excellent!

danma said...

Thanks Guys, we are hopefully not too far away from a start.