Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hello from Woomera

This is in the main street at Woomera, the town is like a ghost town, people still live there but most of the homes are empty. There are blocks of units that seem to have no one in them, we stayed in a Motel that was an old block of units that the scientists used. It was like walking into time warp, everything was still there as it had been. It was like being in an old Hospital with rooms either side of a large walkway. The pool was heaps of fun with a diving board that the kids had great fun on. We went to watch the weather balloon take off but we were told it went at 9.49am and when we got there it goes at 9.45am so it was a pretty small speck when we saw it. The weather guy gave us a tour of his office and explained what happens to the weather info he collects, he was very interesting and as with most people we have met he had an amazing story to tell. He had worked in Antartica for 11 years and was going back for a 3 year term.
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kexkez said...

I think everyone gets addicted to the the Antarctic thing. One of the girls I worked with's husband had done 3 x worth of stays there and always said he'd go back at the drop of a hat. he loved it. I've seen some amazing photos he and a friend took.