Monday, October 24, 2011

Inside the Unit

Posted by PicasaIt has 5 offices, too many for us but we will use some of them as a showroom & it even has a upstairs that is the same size as the bottom floor.
The unit was used as showroom so it is in really good condition, it is the best unit we have ever seen and we have looked at lots.
Lucky our eldest finishes School early in November so he will have a job over the holidays, that includes his buddies as well.
It is probably the worst time to move but we don't have air-conditioning here & it will be great to have it.


Miss Vintage said...

Hi Danma
I have awarded you the Liebster Award, a little recognition for blogs with under 200 followers ( cant see how many followers you have so im hoping its under 200 ...well not hoping but I dont want to screw this up). I love following your blog and hope others will too!
XOX Miss V
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danma,
Here’s a funny video we created about the pitfalls of renovation ( It’s a parody of reality renovation TV shows called Do Birds Renovate? It’s already going viral, and I think your community/audience would enjoy it. We’d love if you could share – thanks!