Saturday, November 22, 2008

Now waiting on Council

Our neighbour notification period is over, and the great news is we had no objections, so now it is in the hands of our Council officer. He told Wisdom that he would give them a call yesterday but I am not sure if he did that. He is looking at our application to see if there is anything that does not comply, you can be assured that they check it twice.
The air-conditioning prices finally came back we have said yes to all but one that was the upgraded ducts in the ceiling, they came in at around $1500 for the 5 different vents, so we will stay with the standard ones and go with the other upgrades which then had a total of nearly $3000.
We also had a problem with the plans, we wanted to make the bathroom window translucent and I had asked them to change it but I hadn't seen a price, so when I checked they asked did we want the toilet upstairs and the ensuite windows done as well. I said no as I thought that they were up high windows the same as in the display at The Ponds, but when I checked the plans the toilet window was 1mtr long by 900mm wide, so we didn't want that.
Wisdom checked with the council who said we had to get the neighbour on that side to write a letter to them saying that he didn't mind the change in windows (way too much hassle as that side is a really old guy) so I told them to make them translucent and I asked them to find out how high the window would be off the ground in the toilet (what worried me was that you would see a shadow sitting on the loo).
They then came back with that the council had agreed to let us change the windows (as they were getting smaller) with out the neighbour notification, but we have a redraw fee of $300 for the new plans and then they have to go back to council. Don't know if it will hold it up but the windows were just too big and we didn't notice them on the plans.
That's about all that has happened, this period is really slow as we wait for the DA approval stamp to be placed neatly on our plans.
We have been really busy at work which is good so the time hasn't dragged along that much, one of the kids goes on school holidays on Friday and the other one on the Tuesday of the following week so I will be busy with them with us as well. It's lucky that they can come into work with us as they are off for 2 months (knew I should have been a teacher, though I think they deserve it as my Friday night Little Athletics Under 10 Boys drive me nuts, and I only have them for a couple of hours).

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